Literature Review

Literature Review must not sound like an imitation, but should have the grasp to reveal its purpose. If a clear concept of an effective Literature Review is understood then it means that the viewpoint is absolutely delivered. On the other hand if a weaker approach is made, it follows that an inadequate and ineffective research has been done on the subject.

There are several explanations for this:

  • The assignment is a popular topic and staying current is difficult
  • There are few sources of relevant information
  • Where there are enormous amounts of published work on that subject area, trying to decide which information is relevant and what is not, can be a daunting task

When writing the literature review, the object is to make it understandable to your reader. This includes strengths and weak points. The literature review should be defined by a leading concept such as the research objectives. And it should not consist of a set of summaries or a list of materials available.

A literature review must include these key principles:

  • Combine into a summary your findings of what is known and what is not
  • Be thoroughly organized by relating directly to the research you are developing
  • Create questions that requires more in-depth research
  • And make clear the controversial sections of the literature


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